When I was studying painting and drawing in college I thought that if I wanted to make a representational image I could photograph it instead of paint it. After all, that’s what a camera is for – taking representational photos, right?

Now that I’ve developed my own personal style I love making photos look like color field art. The balance of color in the viewfinder is my driving stylistic pursuit rather than looking for the imagery to convey what is seen without editing down.

I don’t mean that representational photography isn’t edited, but what I mean is that as an image maker I choose to focus on color and form, overlap and overlay in the view finder as I explore my world.

Next time you are looking for a photography project, try making your images look like Color Field paintings. Be creative and follow fine art masters such as Richard Diebenkorn or Mark Rothko

You can also find out more about my style in my book on Amazon or on my blog.



  • Project Type: Color Field Photography
  • Lighting: Mixed Light
  • Project Year: 2014