The beauty of abstract photography is that you can find content anywhere and in any light. Bright day light is always my preference, but shade can be dynamic and add subtle shades of gray and richer monochromatic tones bright light is lacking.

In this portfolio I have added a few images from 3 different locations and represented the work in black and white during bright light. Black and white abstract photography is impactful and looks dynamic on a large white wall as well, so keep this in mind when you are taking pics. Your images may be marketable to interior designers or photography resale sights such as

Any object with strong lines and light bouncing off of the surface makes a great subject to start with as the basis for the images. Also, textural surfaces shot in bright sunlight can be dynamic in black and white.

Black and white abstract imagery has a depth and richness which is sometimes missing in color photography. Next time you are out during the daytime look for strong lines or textures and set your camera to the black and white setting.

I know a lot of photographers would rather shoot color and convert in Lightroom or Photoshop, but I really enjoy shooting in black and white mode so that I can see in the field how the images are converting. This gives me the opportunity to make the strongest images possible on the spot.

For more inspiration in the black and white photography genre take a look back at the master photographers like Ansel Adams.



  • Project Type: Black and White Abstract Photography
  • Lighting: Full Sun
  • Project Year: 2012, 2014