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macro roseThe action of pointing the camera at an object and depressing the shutter takes the moment of viewing the mundane to the level of visual archivist. The photograph becomes permanent witness to a finite moment in time.

A Macro Expressionist bears witness to the unseen.

A Macro Expressionist, through the process of discovery in the environment, reveals the infinite landscape of the undiscernible to the naked eye by means of close-up photography. However, more than bearing witness to a landscape hidden from the naked eye, a Macro Expressionist subjectively extracts from the environment content which is not completely representational.

Whereas a Macro photographer, in the purist form, aims to represent the minutea objectively – to portray a realistic depiction of the unseen – in a “big picture” kind of way, the aim of Macro Expressionism is to overlay the photographer’s visual aesthetic upon the micro environment to create a work of art representing the photographer’s point of view.

As a Macro Expressionistic photographer, my form of photography is meditative act. It is calming to sink into the viewfinder into a subject and discover imagery that I cannot see with my eyes alone. The result is a synthesis of my struggle to discover content, to overcome the limitations of my equipment and to express my point of view artistically.

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  1. Eliana D'amore
    | Reply

    Hello Carlin,
    what a sweet new year start! I found your book on Amazon and bought it Immediately,
    I never found somebody who speaks exactly like me and feels the same about this type photography ,I m so happy! I could not relate to any photographer because of that, we should defenetly meet and do something together in the future! Much love! Eliana

    • cmf
      | Reply

      Hi Eliana, I just saw your message. Thank you for buying my book and also for your kind words. I’d love to see your photos sometime! Do you have a website?

  2. Allan Punton
    | Reply

    At the start of 2016 I started using crystalline glaze on ceramic. I then began investigating the patterns using macrophotography but the sharpness of ‘realism’ was not what I was seeking. Your vision on macro expressionism is exactly what I am trying to capture. Thank you for publishing your concepts, I am a convert!

  3. cmf
    | Reply

    Hello Allan, Thanks for your note. I’m happy to hear that you are a convert. I saw your images on the Macro Expressionism Facebook page and love them! https://www.facebook.com/groups/963959800344509/

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