Defocus: Blur

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blur-1Blur is sexy. Blur creates mood and mystery. Wiki defines blur as defocus or an aberration, but blur isn’t an aberration, it can be a mood building tool.

My goal yesterday after the rain settled down was to take some garden shots of the wet surfaces and capture the drops and gloss of water on leaves, pavement, decaying flowers and twine.

Attaching a couple of Kenko Macro Extension Tubes to my 50mm lense gave me the opportunity to shoot images super close up. Objects can fill up the frame and leave little recognizable in the background. Camera shake is a problem with low f-stop high ISO settings so a lot of my images were blurred.

To be or not to be disappointed. There are a couple of ways of looking at it… I could be frustrated for not having all my shots in focus or decide that defocus builds mood from some rain day shots.

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