10 Things Every Creative Person Should Do to Thrive

This morning I woke up and did my usual routine – coffee, staring out the window at the city, talking to those who are awake in my house, and when I had a few minutes to myself I pulled out the yoga mat to stretch my legs, back and shoulders.

I don’t always do the yoga mat routine, but when I do, I notice that I feel more settled and content.


Some times after I do the yoga mat routine and head out into the world, it seems that these days specifically are some of the the least blissful and most stressful days in weeks. Is it a reverse cause and effect?

An unnatural flow? A cosmic testing of my mettle?


Whatever the reason for this upending of my bliss, I don’t mind so much. The minutes I spend on the yoga mat provide solid moments of relaxation and inner retreat and help me focus on my process for creativity.


Why don’t I do more of this methodically? Perhaps because I’m rebellious at heart and forcing myself to get up and get on the mat is not in my nature. But, I do have a “routine” which is my innate sense of daily flow that allows me to accomplish my personal and creative goals.


My deep thoughts on the yoga mat today were about the things that creative people should do every day. Now, that’s ironic considering I don’t like a forced routine. The list of things I came up with are not earth shattering, and if you google the Creative Process (or check out the description on this post) you will find that there are 235 Million results for the term “Creative Process”.


My 10 ideas are ways to thrive emotionally, spiritually, idea-lly, physically, and creatively. I think they are core essentials which every person – creative or not – can live by to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Essentials which will bring joy to your day; organization to your process of creativity and productivity; periods of gestation and reflection; and mindless interludes where the seeds of creative thought germinate and bloom.


The List:

1) Stretch – lay flat and stretch your arms over your head and your legs out in front of you. Push your shoulders back onto the floor and let your spine self correct. Creative people spend a lot of time hunched over drawing, writing, reading, studying. Give your body a chance to lay flat and stretch out from end to end.
2) Stare off into space and let the thoughts flow, and then write them down. For me ideas form in front of my mind’s eye. I begin to visualize them and watch them come to life in my mind. Document everything which comes up so you don’t forget your ideas.
3) Make a list of what you can do or want to accomplish each day.
4) Walk known and unknown paths. Walking is therapy and freedom for the subconscious mind to let ideas flow to the surface which can help you accomplish your goals.
5) Read something which is related to what you want to do. Something which will inspire and give direction to your thoughts.
6) Look at other work related to your field. Be inspired. Find your vision. Reflect. Relate your work and dig deeper with insight from others.
7) Talk with a collaborator, a colleague, a friend – someone you bounce ideas off of and build with.
8) Eat something you love – which tastes amazing – which makes your taste buds sing.
9) Drink something delicious – something comforting and nourishing.
10) Do the work and have fun doing it.



Create something that suits you and propels you. Work on the best ideas which come up. Save the un-best ideas for later. Revisit the ideas which came from allowing your subconscious mind space to wander. Hone the ideas. Refine them, and build something good.


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Carlin Felder Author Biography