Hi, I’m Carlin Felder.

carlin felderI’m a digital photographer whose primary style of photography is Macro Expressionism. 

Macro Expressionism is a conceptual style of abstract Macro photography which focuses on photographing a subject close-up, but it deviates from the hyper-realistic macro style used by mainstream photographers who shoot photo-realistic bug images, for example, by emphasizing what is important in the photographer’s frame at the moment.

Macro Expressionism isn’t concerned with the representation of the object as a whole. 

The focus is on mood, color, form, how light affects shapes by adding depth and atmosphere to the objects within the frame.

My inspiration comes from being an abstract painter and the love of a good Color Field painting or a wonderfully seductive use of paint which was the hallmark of the Abstract Expressionists. 


What do I do for a living?

I make my money via bag & luggage design, SEO freelancing, content writing & publishing, selling bags & blankets I import from Ecuador with my family, and with affiliate programs on niche websites.

My career has been in product development and the creative fields, but my FUTURE goal is to learn how to become a life coach / financial coach and help people figure their shit out like I have.

I’ve been following a few excellent teachers and applying their principles to my own thought processes with great success.

If you want to kick start yourself into a better place, follow The Life Coach School Podcast.

If you want to get your head right about finances… Dave Ramsey’s the man.

If you want to learn about meditation… get with davidji.


To Learn More About Macro Expressionism:

A Macro Expressionist Is…

Macro Expressionism, The Manifesto

Stuff I’ve written that you can buy:

Macro Expressionism, Manifesto of Expressionism in Macro Photography – A short publication on my style of macro photography.

Abstract Macro Photography ebook on Blurb.com – features about 15 images, a few of my favorite quotes from notable artists/photographers and 3 pages of notes on the style

Work for Sale: You can buy from www.Saatchiart.com/carlinfelder they offer an easy way to buy prints and have them shipped directly to you.

I do sell my photos to collectors, interior design or architectural firms, and print on archival quality paper. You can contact me here at any time.


“Fools Rush In” – March 24, 2011 @ Gallery U, Montclair, NJ

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of North Texas – Painting and Drawing with a minor in creative writing.

Photo Gear: Canon 7D, Canon 50MM lens, Tokina 11-16 Wide Angle, Canon 40MM lens, Kenko Extension tubes

Affiliate Info: I do participate in a few affiliate programs, most notably the Amazon Affiliate program. “Carlin Felder is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.”


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